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This website is dedicated to the home and to home yards, regardless of size, and the possibilities for creating more from them.

Over the past two decades, my quiet suburban home, once surrounded by short green mono-cropped lawn, has transformed into a homestead bursting with edible fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs, butterflies, birds and honeybees.

Over this course of time I've learned to harvest rainwater, build rain gardens, cold frames and a greenhouse, and to experiment with alternative energy. Through these activities, my family and I have begun to produce huge amounts of delicious food often not available at grocery stores, along with reducing our energy consumption, all by rethinking how we do things around our home.

This site is inspired by sustainable homesteading projects I have visited around the world with Heifer International, where I learned the joy of home agriculture by watching the pride with which farmers explain to a bewildered group of Americans how they grow everything they need for their family and much more for the marketplace on lands as small as 1/3 acre.

These farmers raise fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs and livestock in differing combinations in regions as diverse as Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, China, Uganda, Rwanda and the United States. Inside I highlight these projects and my attempts to create similar projects at home.

This site is broken into chapters, accessible through the navigation bar, with year-round updates as projects come into season or fruition.

I hope you enjoy your stay as you wander through my yard!

My Living Front Yard: Wild Grasses, Fruit Trees and Honeybees Image
My Living Front Yard: Wild Grasses, Fruit Trees and Honeybees
Fruiting Pear Tree Image
Fruiting Pear Tree
Wild Oat Grass Image
Wild Oat Grass
Peach Tree Blossoms Image
Peach Tree Blossoms
Healthy, Delicious Elderberries Image
Healthy, Delicious Elderberries
Honey Bee in Borage Image
Honey Bee in Borage
Fruiting Raspberries Image
Fruiting Raspberries
Healthy, Unsprayed Apples Image
Healthy, Unsprayed Apples
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Leigh's Bees is the product of curiosity and a quest for a sustainable future for agriculture. As an artist-turned-biodynamic farmer, I continue to seek out the hidden beauty and special properties of herbs that I can find growing right in my front yard. Leigh's Bees Salve (the flagship product of the Leigh's Bees line) is one of the amazing and happy coincidences of this work. After sharing with friends and neighbors for years, while never being able to keep up with demand, I am now making this product available to others who wish to experience the extraordinary health and beauty benefits of this product.

Ideas, investigations and innovations.

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